Chamomile: Oldest Natural Remedy In Traditional Medicine

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“Without the flower of that totally common Chamomile, nothing can be achieved because one cannot find a more beneficial medicinal plant than the flowers of Chamomile. We use these flowers to treat all known ailments as we know it”.
This was an excerpt from one of the works of Hieronymus Bock, the great German botanist and physician who was also a Lutheran minister way back in the fifteenth century.

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In this post, I will be talking about Chamomile and its medicinal properties as well as suggestions on how to best utilize the powerful nature given herbal blessing.

As you may have noticed from the quote, the medicinal properties of Chamomile were not discovered yesterday and probably were discovered even before the time of Hieronymus Bock himself.

I will tell you why this herb interests me and why I am a fan of it. It is a bit long story but not too long for somebody who wants to learn a thing or two.

Chamomile Saved Me From Cold And Fever

In the next few passages, I will tell you how Chamomile cured me from cold and fever overnight.
Coming out of the western part of Africa and directly into the European winter is not a pleasant experience and I don’t wish it for anybody who is not well prepared. That was exactly my experience. Three days in Europe and I was already bed ridden with cold and fever.

What later transpired will confirm my conviction about herbal medicine for good. I will vouch for herbal medicine anywhere and everywhere. Pharmaceutical companies are poisoning people because of money. Period! Just check out the percentage of opioid crisis in the US alone and the statistics will appall you. You can also read where the US stands in healthcare systems compared to other developed countries of the world.

My Friend Diagnosed Treatment For Cold And Fever

A guy I met just a day or two ago heard that the newly come African (that was me) was sick with fever and cold. He came by my room at the student’s quarters and gave me a cup of Chamomile tea to drink. “Now, go cover yourself in blankets and sleep” he said. The next morning, I neither was on my feet and feeling as if I never had cold nor fever. That was when I was “hooked” on Chamomile and decided to explore more on its medicinal and healing capabilities.

What Health Problems Can Chamomile Solve?

dried chamomile flower buds from which one can make tea
Surprisingly enough, it is the flower buds that contain the “healing power”. I did a lot of reading. Consuming everything I could find about my newly acquired obsession. Yes, I was obsessed with Chamomile. Back then, there was no internet when you can go online and do a search to get all the information you need. You had a lot of reading to do and a lot of hours to spend at the library before you were able to gather up the information you needed.

I was so immersed in this quest that people around me thought I was going to study medicine instead of electronics engineering for which I had won a scholarship from the government of my country.

My search for health benefits of chamomile yielded a lot of useful information which I am willingly ready to share with you. I discovered a lot of benefits and I am still searching because as I came to realize, chamomile has more health benefits than we can imagine.

I will put everything I know on this page and update as necessary.

Chamomile As Remedy Against Cold And Fever

As I mentioned above, I came into contact with this wonderful medicinal plant because of my cold and fever. Yeah! Chamomile is a wonderful help when you catch cold or fever. The best way to utilize its beneficial properties for cold and fever is by using it as tea.

Thankfully, you can buy chamomile tea in various forms either from your nearest grocery store or the pharmacy. They can be packed into minute bags with strings that enable you to lower them into hot water for tea or in packs such that you can take a spoonful of them, add it to hot water and filter the tea out.

a cup of chamomile tea

Those are good sources but I preferred to go into the fields, gather chamomile flower buds, dry them and use them whenever I need them. I was doing that for years until I was confronted with another problem – atmospheric pollution. I will write my take on that topic later on as long as this website exits.

Lowering Blood Sugar And Diabetes Treatment

In one of my searches for the medicinal properties of chamomile, I came across an article about a study that was conducted on rats. This article claimed that consistent taking of chamomile tea has the potential to prevent the increase of blood sugar content. The study concluded that chamomile might be a solution to long-term diabetes treatment options.

Protection Against Cancer?

Am I dreaming? So much money and so many years have been spent on cancer research only to find that a possible protection against certain types of cancer might be either in your back yard or to say the least in your nearby grocery store in form of a common chamomile tea!

Let me explain this. There is an antioxidant that goes by the name of Apigenin or whatever that is (I told you I am not a doctor and don’t know those medical terms but I try to respect and understand nature). This Apigenin of a thing has been allegedly know in laboratory tests to fight cancerogenous cells that can cause cancers of the prostate, the uterus, the skin, the digestive tract and the breast. This is becoming interesting isn’t it? I wish I had known this earlier. My dad died of prostate cancer complications.

Sleep Disorders Treated With Chamomile Tea

In my unquenchable thirst for knowledge about chamomile, I came across yet another amazing revelation. Drinking the tea can help you to alleviate anxiety and stress. The tea goes further to help you to get more relaxed and makes you go to sleep faster. Journal Of Advanced Nursing is a book that details how you can sleep better and reduce your stressful conditions by just taking chamomile tea. It is a very good book and you can find quite interesting and valuable topics in it. Try reading it if you can.

Can Chamomile Help In Skin Health?

I dug up a very large inventory about how chamomile can help in skin health. When you have been reading about a particular thing and you keep discovering more and more of its beneficial properties, it is completely natural that you start to search for more. That is exactly with chamomile. I still keep searching and will still keep posting the health benefits on this very page.

Where Can You Find Chamomile?

Chamomile is a plant or I would rather prefer to refer to as an herb. It is an herbal plant that can be found all over Western Europe and in Western Asia. There is a claim though that the origin of chamomile was from ancient Egypt but I have not yet found any corroboration for that. When I do, I will definitely post it here.

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